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Customs Brokerage

Whether you are importing or exporting, shipping by air freight or ocean freight, Highlands has the expertise needed to ensure that your international freight is handled appropriately, cleared through customs and delivered to its final destination in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

In recent years international shipping has become increasingly complex with more customs and regulatory requirements than ever before. You need the support of an experienced and knowledgeable partner to ensure that your imports and exports are not detained or refused entry, and always reach their destination on time.

Your source for full-service customs clearance 
Highlands can fulfill your customs clearance needs, from classification to clearance, all at very affordable rates. With an established network of international customs brokers, we can help you seamlessly manage your imports and/or exports, whether you are using air freight, ocean freight, or ground freight shipping.

In addition to standard services, we can also help to analyze your shipments and identify opportunities to save. Reviewing shipments for possible duty drawbacks is just one example.

Our customs clearance experts understand both the local rules and regulations, and the challenges of global business. We use this knowledge to tailor individual solutions that can help you make well-informed decisions, reduce lead time, optimize cash flow and keep taxes to a minimum. you can be sure that the process is fast, efficient and transparent. In short, save costs.

Procedures with the relevant authorities:

We have fully experience in applying for Certificate of Origin, Declaration of Chemicals, Declaration of Precursors, Import License, Quarantine, Food Safety, Inspection, Quality Control, Product Standards...help customers fulfill obligations in the contract.